Harish-shankar-Akhil-movieAkkineni Akhil made his debut with the film Akhil. It came with very big hype but ultimately ended up as failure as many would know by now, including the fans. What could be the best step forward for the scion of Akkineni family from this position?

The topic brings us to the buzz doing the rounds in the industry currently. Grapevine is that Akhil would be making his next with director Krish who has recently tasted critical success with the film Kanche. However going by the fact that Akhil chose VV Vinayak for his debut makes us wonder that this choice could be a wrong step. It is clear looking at the positives of Akhil that he wants to be a big commercial star. It is therefore imperative that he chose a commercial director for the same.

Working with Krish might be good critically, in best case scenario, but a box office failure again would make it hard for Akhil going forward. Now Harish Shankar in his place assures proper presentation of his skills and box office result that would make fans still ‘believe’ in him. An early loss of hope among fans would be fatal to the career of Akhil and that is the reason why we think he should opt for Harish Shankar if he is at his disposal.