I was watching a boring TV show yesterday night. I was not at all interested in it but was killing my time with it. And suddenly one thing which caught my attention was the TV war between Times of India and Hindu. The Hindu’s campaign of ‘Stay Ahead of Times’. Let me not go in to the back ground of the two newspapers but the concept of the ads was very interesting. Thinking of those ads, I guess they are very close to our movie audience too,
We do care about trivial things of Celebrities and their personal lives. Even this era of racing with time, We still find time to keep guessing what would be Aishwarya’s Baby name? What is going wrong in Mega family? Do they really matter to us? Why do we care so much of others’ lives.
I remember an old argument of a friend here. He says that this interest of Indians is worth some crores! Boooooooooooo! Can not believe?! Yes it is! There are hundred of magazines, websites, TV channels who cook stories of this sort and feed audience to quench the over enthusiasm of their audience. And is it them to blame? No, they are cooking which sells most and after all they have to make a living out of it.
And I am sure more than 50% of people reading this would be pondering over the too very trivial yet very crucial examples I have cited in the story.