TV Anchor Prabhakar about artists“It’s not only the TV artists, anyone who work together for long hours and long period of time get to know each other may fall in love with each other,” says popular TV actor Prabhakar. He also describes why TV artists fall in to illegal affairs.

TV artists get to work with each other from morning 7a.m. to 12 in the midnight. In the process they share their problems, their views and things they are involved in. There is sharing of opinions and a kind of closeness develops, which helps them to emote well while shooting for intimate sequences.

Prabhakar reveals that he too was in a extra-marital relationship with one co-actress, despite the fact that he was married and had two cute children. His family life was sumptuous. Even then, he fell in love. It’s because we humans don’t have control over emotions.

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