Why didn’t Aamir chose a Telugu star for his show?

Southern actors Suriya and Mohanlal are joining hands with Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, not in a film, but to promote upcoming television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. While Mohanlal will promote the show in Malayalam, Suriya will promote it in Telugu and for its Tamil version, Aamir said he has roped in a famous television artist.

I wonder why didn’t Aamir choose a Telugu actor instead of Suriya to promote the show in Telugu. Suriya could have been used to promote in Tamil, while he should have ideally chosen a star actor from Telugu. He could have probably asked Mahesh, Pawan or an other actor of his preference to promote the show. Though Suriya is popular face in Telugu, I doubt if his presence will make much of an impact. Did Aamir make a wrong move here? We’ll have to wait to find out how the audience will react.

The second season of the show goes on air March 2 in multiple channels across several languages. Aamir has promised to push the envelope with the show this time.