Tollywood-Director-Heroine-She has romanced medium range heroes all her career. Except one or two, all the films tanked. She has done a couple of films in other languages but they did not work as well. She barely had any offers these days.

A smart director took her for his film. He recommended a whopping 2 Crore remuneration for her showing the other language advantage.

The producer is initially skeptical but finally agreed with the director’s insistence. The movie has bombed at the box office.

Sources close to the movie unit tells us that the 2 Crore remuneration is not just for the film but for all the services she provided for the director.

The tragedy is that he has charted more number of working days for her and used to bring her to Hyderabad giving her business class tickets and five-star accommodation.

He would shoot a day or two in one schedule but would keep her in Hyderabad for a week. The pleasure is all his and the pain is for the producer.