Its quite some time, Mega Power Star Ram Charan had joined the Twitter and earned lakhs of followers. Since then, he is known to speak out his mind and take aggressive stand on several issues. But all of sudden, the actor suddenly disappeared from the social networking site. He had deleted his account on Twitter. The actual reason behind this is not known. We even tried to contact his personal PR who is also not aware of this development.

Here are some of the daring tweets of Charan during his stay in Twitter.

1..Finally the Govt. has proved its capability!!
– On the occasion of YS Jagan’s arrest

2..When our Finance minister says GDP wil rise this year,he actually means “Gas,Diesel and Petrol”, nothing else…;-(
– On the occasion of Petrol prices’ hike called grt directors 1s are confined to only speeches and lectures on stage nowadays.its sad they cant move anyting but their mouth.
– Reacting on the comments made by Dasari Narayana Rao

4..I LIVE BY MY RULES…i really don t care wat is spread by few idiotic channels like SAKSHI.i hav don a true character in orange and i LOV IT
– Reacting on Sakshi’s fake news on him

5..When one has really achieved sum thing..there will be no requirement to voice his success coz people will take automatically talk..
– Indirect reference to fake records