Why did Rajamouli reveal Baahubali getup?

Going by the track record of Rajamouli, the director never discloses the details about his movie till the completion of shooting. He usually releases the first look of his movie just before the release but this is not the case with Baahubali. The first look of the movie was revealed at least 14 months before the release of the movie. What is running through his mind? There are two reasons for this move.

The movie unit is finding it tough to prevent leaking of the images of the actor. The movie unit will very soon go outdoor and it will be even tough to stop the leaks. So, they decided to release the look officially. On the other side, the movie is the costliest project ever made in Telugu. He needs to have good publicity and hype to market it across the other languages too. So, the movie unit will go on building hype at regular intervals.