At the Thank You meet on the success of Attarintiki Daaredhi, Pawan Kalyan more than ever in his entire career. Known to be a man of few words and action, Kalyan spoke his heart out for the first time. To begin with, he ran out of words to thank all those who made Attarintiki Daredi a grand success. He said after the piracy controversy, the film no belonged to producer Prasad, but to his fans, who shouldered the film and made it a blockbuster hit.

Pawan also said why Attarintiki Daredi is a special film in his career. He said he has faced successes and failures in his career, but it never made him to come forward and express his feelings, but this for the first time, he wanted to vent. Taking a strong stance on those who were involved in the piracy of AD, Pawan said that he won’t spare them come what may. He said when the time arrives, he will make sure that each one of them gets their due treatment for the damaged caused towards the film.

Known for drawing attention with his speeches, Pawan this time around too drew lot of attention to his words. Pawan started saying that some celebrities were also involved in the leak of Attarintiki Daredi, and although he knows them personally, he would wait for the moment to bring them to limelight. While most of what Pawan said made lot sense, but indirectly he was pointing fingers at several bigwigs of the industry without any proof.

As inspiring as his speech was, it also created lot of controversy. Was Pawan also hinting at re-joining politics because he sounded and looked so much worried about social values etc? While he created lot of impact with his words, Pawan equally paved way for controversy. Since he called the piracy a conspiracy, what was he pointing at? Most of his fans are under the assumption who is responsible for the leak? Will Pawan reveal their names any time soon and clear the air? Where will this stop ? Do you think Pawan speech is justified and is it the right time to do it? Post your comment and let us know.