One of the renowned Telugu filmmakers Dasari Narayana Rao, who is upset about the current state of affairs for low-budget Telugu films in the state, says that the Telugu filmdom should follow in the footsteps of Tamil industry where there are equal opportunities to all kind of films irrespective of size, cast and budget. Industry should have room for all kinds of films and not always celebrate a big-budget but also help small films reach wider markets.

He says Tamil industry allows films of all sizes to co-exist and promotes them to wider markets within Tamil Nadu. He says Telugu industry should also do the same with its films. He also said big studios and producers should also support small films at regular intervals in between their commercial, star-studded, big-budget films. He says only if studios back small films, will they ever see the light of the day or else keeping lying in the cans forever.

Meanwhile, Dasari is keeping himself busy with films even at this age. He is producing three films and out of which, one is the Telugu remake of Tamil-Malayalam bilingual ‘Neram’. Dasari’s assistant will direct this film, while he will direct a film soon.