Dasara NaniNani’s Dasara is already the actor’s career-best hit and also brought so many accolades for the actor for his performance and selection of subjects. While appreciations are pouring in from all corners, a small section is venting its frustration on Nani.

They are trying to highlight the drops here and there (in working days) ignoring the larger picture to belittle Nani and the film. This is because of political reasons (Nani’s comments during Shyam Singha Roy), caste reasons, and other insecurities.

But this crying seems to be outright silly. Firstly, Nani is a soft actor who is apolitical and non-controversial. He is not a Tier-1 actor or star kid to endlessly discuss about the numbers.

Coming next, Dasara is not a film that comes every Friday. The movie has got its share of flaws, but to mask them, there is a good intent, wonderful backdrop, excellent performances and superb technical values.

When there are many such positive factors, you should be mindless or blind to go harsh on such a film.

When a film collected almost 50 Crore share in the first weekend, drops over the working days are quite common. It is not uncommon for a film to underperform in one area and do very well in other areas.

It is even happening to Tier-1 stars these days.

Dasara also has such issues. But the end, it will be a hit film and biggest one in Nani’s career.

Having said all the things that made Dasara special (not discounting flaws), you got to have some serious disorders to criticize such a film so harsh.

The so-called critics with other reasons to do that should remember an actor becomes a star when we start discussing his numbers, drops, breakdowns, etc. so seriously.

In their blind hatred and silly crying, they are actually doing a favor to Nani.