Whenever a top actor is out of form everyone starts writing lengthy analysis and come up with unasked suggestions. Something similar is happening currently with Young Tiger NTR who is going through a low phase. They are bringing up an allegation that Jr NTR is running after success and he should not do it. But is that the actual truth, lets have a reality check.

So much for crying out loud that Jr NTR is running after hit directors, the latest being Koratala Siva, have we ever bothered to check out what other choices does the actor have? We are an industry where there are limited top directors and whether intentional or not they ultimately end up doing films with top actors one after the other. So it’s not like Jr NTR is waiting for a film of a director to be hit and then pounce on him, instead the director’s already have a pre decided line up that they will do films in certain order. Now lets take for example Koratala Siva only, his immediate line up consists of Jr NTR and Mahesh Babu. Now imagine if the Jr NTR film is a big hit would that mean Mahesh Babu is running after a hit director? Well it is the same with previous cases of Jr NTR as well where fortunately or unfortunately the previous movies of those directors have been big hits.

Now let’s see it from the critic’s point of view and wish that Jr NTR does films with new directors. The real question is who are those new directors and how can they be trusted. Let’s take the example of Boyapati Srinu, after the super success of Simha, Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan gave open offers to him (Boyapati said this on Tv shows during Dammu pre-release promotions). Even Chiranjeevi asked him to come up with a script for his 150th movie. Boyapati did NTR’s Dammu due to a prior commitment and following the failure of the movie, every one banged door on his face. Some say NTR should act with fresh talent..where are they and have they proved with any other hero when we post this question to only NTR? Imagine a mass star like NTR gets a flop with a fresh director..wouldn’t a bad result then affect the business stamina and openings of the hero going forward?

Movie Business is running in to 30-40 Crores today. Every one wants to bet on a winning horse. There are many ifs and buts come in to movie commerce. If those unwritten rules (like successful combination, banner, publicity, wide release), producers and distributors will have to shut shop. Jr NTR isn’t doing anything wrong it’s just that things are going the way he is planning them to and he is just one hit away from getting back on track. How many of you agree with our view and think that there is nothing wrong that the actor is doing currently and that his failures currently are plain bad luck?

– Siddhartha