Why Could Baahubali 2 Be Once In A Lifetime Movie For Our GenerationSome phenomena are hard to explain, is the simple way to explain how Baahubali has turned out right now. None, absolutely none would have imagined at the start of the movie the way things are at the moment for Baahubali 2. Is this going to be once in a lifetime sort of stuff for the current generation? What were the previous films of these types?

Why is Baahubali special? Because it is among the few rare films that have a pan-Indian appeal and run. It shouldn’t be confused with few films having pan-India run with the same subject. We are here talking about films that release at the same time all over the country and have an incredible run across the length and breadth.

Not all these films have the same degree of success eventually, but movies that come to our mind immediately of this scope are Mughal-E-Azam, Sholay, Hum Apke Hai Kaun. Baahubali 2 joins this esteemed list of movies that erased all the language barriers.

As we can see above, the films like Baahubali don’t come on a regular basis, and hence it is a once in a lifetime kind of achievement and monument. It will be even more surreal experience when Baahubali 2 goes on to create a new record in Bollywood, a feat no South dubbed has ever achieved. This achievement will be forever remembered in history as much as the 1000 Cr that many have already locked the film to go past smashing.