Why Chiranjeevi Cancelled Marriage with Uday Kiran?Chiranjeevi in his illustrious career has also been marred with controversies. And one such controversy that refuses to die down after these many years is of Uday Kiran’s death who passed away in 2014. Even after seven-long-years Uday Kiran’s death continues to haunt him.

Many have blamed Chiranjeevi as the reason behind Uday Kiran’s death. Is Chiranjeevi the reason? A senior journalist who has seen Megastar closely has thrown light on this.

The scribe said, “It is true that offers declined for Uday Kiran but Chiranjeevi is not behind such conspiracy. How can Chiranjeevi influence and prevent others from stopping the offers? Nani in industry is getting huge offers. Chiranjeevi is in a position where he is like a fatherly figure and doing such tactics will lower his image and he doesn’t require to do it”.

“Chiranjeevi, like any father, would want his daughter to marry off to a man who can take care of her for a lifetime. Uday Kiran’s position and family background was not suitable for Chiranjeevi and this was the only reason it didn’t happen,” added the scribe.

The senior journalist added that Pawan Kalyan with his temperament may have issued death threats to Uday Kiran, but it was just a temper. Considering Chiranjeevi as his father-figure, it was natural for Pawan Kalyan to get angry.

If Uday KIiran had issues with Chiranjeevi, then within one year of his marriage, things would have come out. So blaming Chiranjeevi is irrelevant.