Why celebrities prefer to marry secretly?The most eligible, handsome bachelor John Abraham is no longer single as he recently got married to his girlfriend Priya Runchal. The wedding, which took place in the US, was a secret affair and nobody in the industry but for the close friends of John. Although John is a star and new about his marriage would make headlines, i still fail to understand why was the wedding kept as a secret.

Apparently, Pawan Kalyan recently got married for the third time. He didn’t wish to share the news with anybody and that made everybody even more suspicious and now has become a big controversy. I feel stars should come forward and openly speak about their marital status because it will save a lot of controversies. It’s not difficult to find if a celebrity is married or not because there are eyes on them at all times. Therefore, it’s always best to openly admitting to a marriage.

This is not the first time celebs have married secretively. It has happened so many times over the years in the lives of some of the finest and most loved actors in Indian cinema.