We all know by now that Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in a cameo in Telugu family-drama “Manam”. It was not until Big B shot for the film and disclosed about the same that did we come to know about it. Nagarjuna recently revealed why Big B was cast in the film in such a small role and why did the legend accept the offer. Nag said the following in a statement.

We didn’t want Bachchan saab’s appearance to be made public. We wanted it to be a surprise. But nothing he does can remain undisclosed. It’s just a cameo. I wanted him to honour us with his presence in our family film.

My father always thought of Bachchan saab as one of the finest actors we have. I thought just having him in my film would be an honour to my father’s memory. When I asked him, he immediately agreed. Nag is not pressurized and he said that When we started making the film, we were not thinking of what other people would think. My grandfather, my son and I wanted to do film together. We’re releasing with an unprecedented number of prints on May 23.