Reports about Jagapati Babu portraying the role of Ram Charan’s father in an upcoming film by the director Krishna Vamsi have gained a lot of publicity in the past few days but recently we hear that it won’t be happening. The actor said a clear no when he was contacted for the role and we are all wondering what the reasons might be. However, we soon learned that it is just a matter of age and choice. Apparently, the actor feels that he is not ready to do father roles yet.

Jagapati Babu is expecting some powerful roles before settling for father roles. He politely declined the offer to play Ram Charan’s father and is now concentrating on taking up powerful roles which even include portraying a villain. Jagapathi’s first negative shade movie ‘Legend’ is gearing up for release Friday this week and he is pinning high hopes on the success of this movie and audience response on his role. He is quiet hopeful that ‘Legend’ will be a turning point in his career.