lakshmi-manchuThere had been rumours about Manchu Manoj’s married life that all is not well between him and his wife Pranathi. He gave clarity on the rumours saying that his wife is his Goddess. When Manchu Lakshmi encountered the same question during a recent promotional interview, she gave back seriously.

Lakshmi was like, why are you interested in our personal life, interested in getting into our bedrooms and bathrooms, even. She told that Manoj and his wife are presently in America and sending photos from there. “Why ask me? Ask Manoj about his divorce?” Each to their own. “If our performance is not good, you have the right to ask us. But, not getting into our personal lives.”

Talking about rejecting Shivagami’s role, Lakshmi feels that it was a right decision. If she had accepted Rajamouli’s offer for playing Shivagami, she would be offered only old characters and wouldn’t be playing characters like Deeksha in ‘W/O Ram’.