An increasing number of southern heroes have suddenly shown keen interest towards production and have floated their own production houses for reasons that are not easy to guess. While most of these actors claim that they have turned producers to support fresh talent, but they are only cashing in on the opportunity.

Actors such as Suriya, Dhanush, Arya, Vishal have all turned producers in the span of 12 months. While Dhanush at least produced a film featuring a new director in Tamil, which turned out to be a super hit, all other actors have been producing their own films. Even in Telugu, heroes such as Kalyan Ram, Rajasekhar, Prakash Raj have turned producers. At least Prakash Raj as a producer as tried to back offbeat films in the past and is also doing one currently called Ulava Charu Biriyani, other actors are only looking to produce commercial films to make more money.

It would be nice if these actors help smaller films to have wide theatrical release. That’s the best thing they could do as producers because most heroes in Bollywood have started to do that and the best example is actor Riteish Deshmukh, who recently produced two small Marathi films, which turned out to be commercially successful and critically raved.