Anushka is currently busy shooting for two big projects – Rudhramadevi and Baahubali. These two highly anticipated projects have kept the actress very busy over the last twelve months. She has been working so hard that she hasn’t found the time to sign any new project. Playing a pivotal role in Baahubali, Anushka admits Rajamouli is a taskmaster but working with him is always fun.

Anushka said that Rajamouli is extremely hardworking and doesn’t take no for an answer. She also agreed that one has struggle a lot working with but when you get to see the final output, all the struggle and hard work that he makes one through doesn’t quite make much of a difference.

On the occasion of Anushka’s birthday, the makers of the film released a special making video featuring her. Anushka, who has been actively juggling between Rudhramadevi and Baahubali, says she still can’t believe that they have completed 60 days of shooting so far for the latter.

Art director Sabu Cyril has designed five special sets for the film in which they team shot over the last few weeks. Now, they are heading to Kerala for three weeks long shoot.