Even the whereabouts of Pandavas exile for 12 years of exile and 1 year of incognito had written records in the name of the great Epic of India ‘Mahabharata’. But actress Anjali’s few days of incognito couldn’t be traced out so far. Many tried questioning Anjali. But the cute Teugu girl evaded the questions and intelligently skipped giving answer.

But how long can she do the same? During one of her promotional programme on television, the anchor once again brought the question. This time Anjali didn’t evade the question, instead said that she went hiding to escape her relatives and near ones who had been harassing her for money. The rumours had been the other way. There had been a buzz that Anjali got married secretly and hence went hiding. Will the cine folks buy this new story or else will go for another one? Lolz.