Why Amazon Prime Not Buying Telugu Films?Amazon Prime Video was a big OTT game changer in India. The manner in which it brought big films on OTT is there for us all to see. Coming to Telugu, they also bought the rights of several biggies in the past.

But if you look carefully, they are not buying that many films of late. The only noted film which they managed to bag is Pushpa and the rest are films that not many even know about.

On the other hand, OTT platforms have rapidly developed in the last year or so. Disney Plus Hot star is buying some big films like Akhanda and has grabbed a few other biggies in the days to come.

Zee5, Sony Liv, and Netflix are also doing their best. AHA has also come on top and has been grabbing most of the small films in the last few months. They are also marketing their films and getting good views on their platform.

But Amazon is playing it safe and is not interested in quantity as before. Some say that as they bought some biggies like Nani’s V and Tuck Jagadish for hefty prices, things did not work out well for them and that is why they are not going all out.

As we can see, they are streaming-only low-budget Telugu films like Good Luck Sakhi, Gamanam, Ram Asur, Eakem, and Ravana Lanka etc.

Amazon Prime just dropped a biggie in the form of Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan a few days back and we need to see what all Telugu films they bring in the days to come.