The latest news from the center is popular playback singer Baba Sehgal is going to compose and render a song on Pawanism very soon. The song is an independent private audio track and Pawan Kalyan himself is in no way connected to this. So, it is not for a movie promotion or personal branding. So, why a song on Pawan Kalyan. Why does a play back singer like Baba Sehgal wants to dedicate his ‘costly’ for this song. The answer is ‘all for Pawanism’. And now, what is this Pawanism? What is it all about? Here we go!

Pawan Kalyan’s attitude towards society, sincerity, straight talk and honesty is often termed as ‘Pawanism’ by his fans. Most of them see him as an inspiration. Some of the characters portrayed by Pawan inspired lot of people. One such example in recent days when an IIT topper himself revealed Pawan was his inspiration to achieve the top most target of his life. Swapnika, who involved in brutal acid attack wants to see Pawan ones as her last wish.In recent times, he helped poor artist Shyamala, morally he is the only first BIG star stood by Prince Mahesh Babu in an anti-piracy case.