Why 1980 SukumarRight from the beginning ‘Rangasthalam’ was publicised as a period drama set in 1980s era. Initially, the makers tentatively titled it ‘Rangasthalam 1985′ but then, removed the year from the title. After the release, we can clearly see that there aren’t any significant moments or period-specific visuals.

Both Sukumar and Ram Charan are receiving praises for the way they delivered the right content without getting into the formuliac frame work with unnecessary forced comedy scenes and cinematic artificial liberties. Nevertheless, the intense political drama doesn’t make the yesteryear audiences nostalgic of that era.

Except for a few references like using radio, Chiru’s cinema poster from 1980s and mention of Chitralahari; nothing in the movie brings back the memories of 1980s. This story can be said with the backdrop of any period. So, we have a doubt. Sukumar! Why this movie has to be set in 1980s period, specifically?