Suriya maybe a king at the box-office and a star in the industry, but at home he plays a second fiddle to his wife Jyothika. In a recent interview, he said “She’s been a successful actor, a great homemaker, and I like her decision making. So, I leave it to her to make important decisions at home. Jo is very organised. She would have dates all marked on the calendar for the whole year ahead and made arrangements for the kids birthdays, vacations, etc. She foresees things, and balancing work and family time is something I’ve been learning from her”.

He had recently revealed that his wife is making a comeback to the industry with the Tamil remake of Malyalam film ‘How Old Are You’. He said “Jyothika quit acting because she had to take care of their kids. The kids are grown up and directors started coming and saying ‘you don’t have to act, but just listen to the script’. We couldn’t avoid it, and had to respect the time they had taken to develop the script.We thought we would politely avoid it, but this idea was really good.We’ve met a couple of filmmakers and could be signing up two-three films soon”.

Suriya is happy with the response to his latest release Sikindar, and he says the film may have received scathing reviews, but he’s delighted with its box-office numbers. He says the film was promoted as a light-hearted entertainer and if audiences expected it to be another Ghajini, then probably they’ve been wrong.