Who's Behind Taapsee Becoming A Disaster Queen?Taapsee’s latest release Blurr was released directly on OTT. Directed by Ajay Bahl, the film has been getting extremely mixed reviews.

A section of people on social media is comparing Taapsee‘s recent filmography with Kangana Ranaut saying both are competing to be disaster queens.

Taapsee’s Blurr is not a great movie but it is a one-time watchable. It is a faithful remake of the Spanish film, Julia’s Eyes. But some reviews are bashing the film as if they have some personal vendetta against Taapsee.

In the past, Taapsee made some controversial statements that hurt the feelings of the right wing, mostly the BJP followers. She had also called their Boycott Bollywood movement, a joke.

Taapsee gets all the hate on social media because of these people who have an agenda against her and also Bollywood. But she has handled all these trolls and controversies with dignity.