Nani's Film Jersey Makes Shahid Kapoor Sleepless & Anxioushis news comes as a great initiation from one of the Bollywood stars that might serve as a torchbearer for other stars across the many film industries across the country. We are talking about Hindi ‘Arjun reddy’, Shahid Kapoor.

The actor is said to have cut his remuneration by reducing Rs. 8 crores for his next film so that the makers of the film can pay the rest of the crew during this pandemic. This is a welcome initiation at many levels.

Shahid’s next film is Rs. 33 crores for the remake of ‘Jersey’ in the profit-sharing model. Now, the makers of the remake would have huge respite and plan accordingly.

Post the COVID, the budgetary equations of a project will have to change and it’s good to see a star hero coming forward to slash his pay-check. Let’s see, who would follow suit.