Tollywood would soon feel the brunt of the State government’s decision to hike the ticket prices for movies with immediate effect. As such, small budget filmmakers might be the one to burden the wight of this new decision. In fact the only people who would seemingly benefit with this decisions are marquee stars, directors and producers. In fact small filmmakers are lamenting the decision saying that they would make their life even more difficult and that it would even prove detrimental for the industry as a whole.

As for the price hike itself, the decision will cause the ticket prices to rise by `15 in GHMC limits — balcony tickets in air-cooled theatres have risen from `55 to `70 and for air-conditioned theatres, the price has gone up to `75 from `60. Even in multiplexes, the rates of the tickets are going to go up by 33 %, costing `200 soon.