Who will replace Mahesh Babu in Mani’s film?
With Mahesh Babu still indecisive over signing the Mani Ratnam project the makers it seems are already looking for alternatives in case the inevitable happens. Superstar Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna were expected to star together in the upcoming project of Mani Ratnam which was said to be a big budget spy thriller.

But with the clashing of dates and not enough time to adjust, Mahesh Babu is thinking twice about signing the film. He doesn’t want his upcoming films to be delayed as a result of this film which in any case looks to be a risky preposition at the box office keeping the genre and form of Mani Ratnam in mind.

The makers have been told about this apprehension from the star and keeping the final conclusion of this stalement in mind the makers are looking for other choices. A big Tamil star is reportedly in talks to replace Mahesh Babu in the film if things fail to take off as planned. The big Tamil star could be either Surya or Vikram, according to the rumors. We have to see how things pan out in the coming days.

We would like to know from our readers if they would like Mahesh Babu to do this film and if there is no other option and he is indeed getting replaced who would you like to see him get replaced with? Share us your choice.