pawan-kalyan-hatao-politics-bachavo bookBoggula Srinivas was all over media as channels tried to give him the coverage for his controversial book titled ‘Pawan Kalyan Hatao-Politics Bachao.’ But what caught many eyes was the missing logic or the justification from the writer on why he chose only Pawan for his book and why not any other active corrupt politician in Telugu states.

During the live chat program when a caller questioned how politics will be saved by making Pawan quit or why the writer has chosen a controversial title, Boggula Srinivas admitted it’s for creating the sensation. He even went on to say, “If I write a book titled Change Politics who will read it and you wouldn’t have called me to your channel, said the writer. He tried to justify his intentions when Pawan gave a call for Jagan hatao seemandhra bachao, he concocted Pawan Kalyan Hatao-Politics Bachao which makes no sense as Pawan is yet to become an active politician or to even discuss his political corruption to get rid off him from politics made no sense.