Politics and films are two inseperable entities in Telugu. Many actors have tried their luck in politics. NTR and Chiranjeevi have floated their own parties – Our of the two, NTR had scripted history by ascending the CM throne in just 9 months after he entered politics. Chiranjeevi too followed his footsteps but bitten dust by winning just 18 seats and much to the shock of the people who voted him, he merged the party in to Congress and is now a Rajya Sabha MP. So, NTR and Chiranjeevi represent two extreme ends in politics. Lets see who are in the list of probables to make it big in politics.

Balakrishna – The Nandamuri Scion had recently expressed his desire to enter active politics in 2014. He had campaigned for the TDP in 2009 elections. His Yuvagharjana program in Guntur was a rage then and brought the necessary push in Telugu Desam cadre. His charisma as film star and NTR’s son will help him launch his political career but he has to work on his diction and speech if he wish to make it big in Politics.

NTR – He was the star campaigner for TDP in 2009 elections. His fluent speeches and striking resemblances to his grand father had attracted huge crowds. Finally his political tour ended with an accident. However, TDP failed miserably in the areas, he had campaigned. But political analysts feel that the actor has it in him to make it big if he makes good career in films in the coming years.

Pawan Kalyan – Pawan is often deemed as one of the most honest persons in film industry. He had extensively toured the entire state when Chiranjeevi floated party. The fire in him and the emotion in his speech had attracted the youth to vote for the party then. However, he had disappeared from the political scene once PRP lost the election. He is one of the very few actors on whom people can bank on to do good for them but he should learn the dynamics of politics and play the game if he decides to come back.

Note: We have only mentioned the actors who have tasted their luck once up on a time