After a lot of vacuum at the box office, two reasonably known films are making their way to the box office today. Sekhar Kammula’s Anamika and Allu Sirish’s Kotha Janta. There is an interesting scenario for both the films. Anamika despite having big names like Sekhar Kammula and Nayanatara, the movie was releasing with very low buzz. The reason for the low buzz is Sekhar Kammula’s recent track record and him making a remake of a very difficult film like Kahaani.

On the other side, Kotha Janta have a flop debutante like Allu Sirish and a relatively small director, Maruthi in its ranks. After the debacle of Sirish’s first film, Gauravam, Allu Aravind directly concentrated on Sirish’s career and made a good buzz of the film. One may not surprise if Kotha Janta manages big opening than Anamika. But we will have to see who will be the last winner?