Who Made Most Profit from Baahubali 2 Success - Karan JoharBaahubali 2 is a gargantuan success, everybody associated with it has made money. Before the release, it looked like few could barely manage to break even due to the high prices they have paid, close to the final number of Baahubali 1. But with each passing, it became apparent everyone will be in green. However, there are still those who are the most profitable.

The most “profitable” person from Baahubali 2 is without any doubt Karan Johar. The producer who has been reeling with losses before Baahubali happened to him is now all smiles thanks to the two-part films. While the first part earned him enough to cover few of his losses, the second part’s historical run (already over 450 Cr) is giving him enough to stay afloat as a big producer for years to come. Karan Johar has not seen profits like these (domestically) in his career post his directorial debut. No wonder, he is pursuing Rajamouli like crazy to make another Baahubali movie.

The other big profiteers are Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, distributors. In the first two industries, Baahubali 2 is already the highest grossing movie. In Karnataka, Baahubali 1 itself has achieved that feat, so that isn’t so surprising. But the Tamil Nadu top grossing thing is one of the greatest achievements for this Telugu dubbing film. In Kerala, Baahubali 2 is only behind Pulimurugan, and it’s likely to overtake it in the coming weeks. Keep checking this space as we update the final numbers.