Megastar-Chiranjeevi-God-Father-Teaser-BGM-Megastar GodFather’s teaser was released yesterday, which received a mixed response from the normal audience and even the fans. The teaser was criticized for its poor VFX, no exciting dialogues, and especially for the BGM.

Netizens found that the BGM scored by Thaman was exactly similar to the one he scored for Varun Tej’s Ghani. These days when every bit of your content is minutely scrutinized, it is absolutely blasphemous to score the same music for two films.

Mega fans are absolutely baffled by the team who approved this BGM. Director Mohan Raja is an outsider, and he might not have realized it’s the same BGM as Ghani, but what about the other members of the film’s team? How can Thaman be so unprofessional that he simply copied his own music and pasted it in Godfather?

GodFather is already suffering from remake syndrome, which is harming its box office prospects. Now, this BGM fiasco has further dented its hype negatively.

Let’s hope the team becomes extremely cautious about the kind of content they will release and do some major damage control in the coming days.