jackie chan in mahesh babu puri jagannath movieThat international star most probably might be Jackie Chan. Since actor Sonu Sood is presently working with Jackie Chan for ‘Kung Fung Yoga’, he has clear accessibility with the star. We know that Puri is close to Sonu Sood. Through Sonu Sood, the director is trying to get the international star on board.

The boundaries between international stars and our stars seem to be dissolving gradually. Our film makers are beginning to make plans to rope in international stars for their new projects. After Shankar, if the reports are to be believed, it’s Puri who is trying for an international face.

After Mahesh completes the projects he is working on, he is likely to do a big film with Puri Jagannadh. Once Mahesh is done with his present projects, Puri will be ready with the script of his project with Mahesh Babu. And he has plans to rope in Jackie Chan for the film. Nothing is official yet.