Who-is-that-98-Films-Villain-in-AswathamaYoung Hero Naga Shaurya is awaiting the release of his Aswathama this month-end. The actor is aggressively promoting the film. Given the good trailer and the recent success of Sankranthi biggies at the Box office, Trade has enthusiastically invested in the film.

Aswathama Trailer managed to create curiosity about who is the villain of the story. In the due process, the makers have even kept the actor who played the villain character in the film. They have dropped a hint that he is an actor who appeared in 98 films previously.

That has spiked interest in social media. There are speculations if we will be in for a surprise with some senior actor making his villain debut. The suspense will be on till 31st of this month when the movie releases. Naga Shaurya is also the story writer of Aswathama.

The movie deals with a story about sexual harassment of women. The actor says that it is a real story happened to the sister of his friend. Naga Shaurya just completed a hattrick of disasters with Kanam, Ammammagarillu, and Nartanasala. Let us see if he can make a comeback to winning ways with this movie.