Sai Dharam TejMega hero, Sai Dharam Tej met with an accident in early November and it took a long time for him to get discharged from the hospital. Since then, Sai Tej is hardly seen in the media anywhere.

Tej was only seen in a few videos which were posted by Chiranjeevi. Until now, we did not see Sai Tej speak in front of the camera in any media events. This has continuously raised the eyebrows of many as to why he is keeping such a low profile.

If this was not enough, Sai Tej is seen only on Twitter and his presence looks dubious. If you see his Twitter handle, it looks quite boring.

All Sai Tej does is appreciate teasers and performances of stars in the promos. He keeps on wishing all the best to each and every release that comes out.

Seeing this, many are having a doubt whether Sai Tej is even checking his Twitter account himself or not. What’s even confusing is that he has also not started shooting for his new film.

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