Venkatesh_Rana_NaiduVictory Venkatesh is synonymous with films that cater to the family audience, especially ladies. His two-decade-old family films like Sankranthi, Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav, and Raja garner huge TRPs even to this day when they are telecast on TV. Now he has come up with a web series, Rana Naidu, which has shocked the audience beyond belief.

In the web series, Venkatesh is seen using the most vulgar language even by Netflix standards, he has been shown having sex with prostitutes and doing obscene things.

Many are wondering who misguided Venkatesh to do such an R-rated show and ruin his legacy. As everyone knows, Venkatesh, despite having a formidable fan following, is doing films just as a formality. He has taken the spiritual way in life and does films once in a while to make his fans happy.

He is not accessible to many in the film industry except for people in his close circle. So it must be either Rana Daggubati or Suresh Babu who must have convinced him to act in Rana Naidu by making him assume that doing such a web series would make him look cool and get him closer to the younger generation of the audience.

But instead of taking Venkatesh closer to the younger audience, it has shaken his core fan base who have been his fans for many decades because of his clean slate of films.

A fine case of strategy gone horribly wrong!