People say Ram Gopal Varma always carves for publicity. But the real thing is its the media that always want some thing to project. Ram Gopal Varma rightly senses what sells in Media and creates a topic out of it. Be it movie on Bal Thackeray, movie on Paritala Ravi, movie on Bejawada politics. And the latest is his ‘Reddy garu Poyaru’ which is based on the sudden demise of a leader and incidents that followed.
In a age of where a minute on electronic media costs 3000 rupees (On average), Ram Gopal Varma gets atleast 3-6 hours of free publicity which almost saves him 1 Crore for every controversial topic he choose. And later he makes a fictitious story and is out of controversy. Varma is often blamed for fooling people by false publicity but it is the media fooling people always trying to make some thing out of no thing.
But in short, RGV has bigger brains than many marketing experts in the business.