Who Is Behind Nithiin's Disastrous Choices?Nithiin has this rather distressing habit of following up one box office hit with consecutive duds. He scored the biggest hit of his career with A Aa and followed it up with disasters like Lie, Chal Mohan Ranga, and Srinivasa Kalyanam.

He then again made a comeback of sorts with Bheeshma. And as expected, followed it up with Check, Rang De, and Maestro which didn’t provide him with credible success.

This brings us to the question – Who Is Behind Nithiin’s Disastrous Choices? Is he making all these script choices by himself or is he being assisted by his pals. A hero with decent market should have careful planning and execution but that is completely lacking with Nithiin. His recent film, Macherla Niyojakavargam was also a big box office disaster.

It is not that Nithiin is careless either. He carries very good looks, dances well to an extent, and is a decent performer. But for some reason, he is the least consistent. If his choices are going so horribly wrong more often than not, he should at least hire a team to carefully plan his scripts and directors.