Gopi Chand’s ‘Loukyam’ trailer which has been released very recently had a ending note with ‘Manam’ poster. Gopi Chand’s dialogue and Brahmanandam’s comic expressions hint that it is not just the poster but a spoof on ‘Manam’ might be in the making for ‘Loukyam’. Though this didn’t lead into any massive controversy, it sorts of created anger kind of thing amongst Akkineni fans. As ‘Manam’ is the last film of legendary ANR, no one imagined someone making a parody of it.

Sources close to the unit of the film claim that there is a full pledged ‘Manam’ spoof being shot and Brahmanandam is involved as always. The man behind this spoof is writer Kona Venkat. In the writer’s earlier films too there had been spoofs on other superhit films. And Brahmanandam has become the necessary ingredient for such parodies which Kona Venkat targets. In fact Srinu Vaitla’s earlier films’ USP had been such spoofs only. Though Kona Venkat moved away from Vaitla, seems he is continuing spoof saga for his films.