nenu sailaja movie working stillThe trailer of ‘Nenu Shailaja’ left us with good taste and has got us talking about the natural and realistic chemistry between the lead pair, Ram and Keerthi Suresh. The on screen chemistry of the duo is due to their off screen bonding say Keerthi and Ram in a recent chit chat during promotions.

As Keerthi Suresh is a Malayali, she couldn’t understand Telugu. Then Ram’s Tamil speaking talents came in for help to strike a right chord with the debut actress. The duo bonded well on sets and shared a good rapport and making their moments fun filled, while working for the film.

Keerthi understands that they are stark contrasts,; Ram being an energetic person who strives for perfection and Keerthi, a lazy bones. However Ram doesn’t agree and thinks Keerthi is highly talented. Ram and Keerthi are playing childhood friends in ‘Nenu Shailaja’ who are in love.