There is no doubt in our mind when we say Prabhas21 and Prabhas22 are the most talked about and awaited projects featuring a Telugu star in the lead. There is one more coming up, but more on that later.

Right now, when we look at Prabhas21 and Prabhas22, there seems to be an indirect competition going on to make the individual project the bigger one. It is a healthy problem to have, and fans should not mind it at all.

Here we are only looking at which of these two projects has more aces up its sleeve as in which offers more USP to the fans and general audience, at large.

The first thing with Prabhas21 is the combination. It is from a director (Nag Ashwin) fresh off a critical and commercial blockbuster success (Mahanati). It has a massive banner backing who are uncompromising when it comes to final output. Then there is the number one Bollywood heroine Deepika Padukone as part of the project.

The genre offers scope for never seen before visuals on the Indian screen with nothing to compare it with. Nothing related to the story is known, and its concept is said to be one of its kind making it unique not just for India, but in the world itself. It is why the director calls it pan-world project.

On the other hand, Prabhas22 aka Adipurush is a movie based on Ramayana. It is a tale as old as the hills, but one that still entices the audience. The critical casting of Ravana is out, and there is negativity around him (Saif Ali Khan). The director (Om Raut) has made a solid debut, but there is a lot of scopes to improve, narratively. Also, due to the genre, it will have comparisons with Baahubali even though it is fictional.

The real value of wait here is going to be Prabhas himself. He is going to transform himself into the role of Lord Ram physically. If Prabhas gets that transformation done to the liking of masses, there will be no stopping him or the film. The other ace for the movie will be cast of the other key characters like Sita, Hanuman, Lakshman etc. Adipurush could be huge and has ample scope to be in the news with these ‘casting choices’.

Overall, when we look at both, Prabhas22 (Adipurush) has more stuff to dominate, capture the fans interest and generate buzz. It quite simply has more aces up its sleeves.

Prabhas21, on the other hand, only has the advantage of the genre which offers the scope of unpredictability and excitement. Meanwhile, it will have to take a back step, until it begins its promotions announcing the release date.