Who Cooked This Story To Defame Mahesh Babu?Planted articles to elevate a hero is something that we see often in the film industry. But as it appears, Mahesh Babu is now subject to untoward hate and here’s the story behind the same.

Out of nowhere, a news agency started saying people are trolling Mahesh Babu, citing a meme from Panchayat, an Amazon Prime series. The meme supposedly mocks Mahesh Babu who keeps adopting villages in all his films.

The agency implies that Mahesh Babu is now the focal point of internet trolls and everyone is mocking him over village adoption themed films. But in reality, there is only this solitary meme that did not go so much viral. Not many others have tweeted or mocked Mahesh in this regard.

Citing that one meme, a news agency cooked up a story and a few other portals blindly carried the article due to its clickbait title and are claiming everyone is mocking Mahesh. All of a sudden, there are many stories in this regard.

It is clearly evident that there is literally no traction here but a section of media is trying to make a meal of it by targeting Mahesh. Wonder who has the need to plant such media articles and target Mahesh Babu all of a sudden.

Even if Mahesh’s “Bollywood can’t afford me” comment could be cited as one of the reasons, it has been a while since he made that comment and it is not even in public memory now. So, there could be some other intention behind this targeted attack.

Sad that even Telugu portals carried the story without any homework.