Who Are The First Choice Heroes For RRR?SS Rajamouli’s RRR is a multistarer of NTR and Ram Charan. Both the actors are from warring clans and it has come as a surprise that Rajamouli actually brought both of them together to make this film. Rajamouli‘s father and his writer, Vijayendra Prasad revealed what went behind.

“We thought of doing a film with two heroes. We have thought of several combinations: Rajinikanth – NTR, Suriya – Karthi, Allu Arjun – Karthi, and many others. But later we thought NTR and Ram Charan with this story that is how they are on board,” Vijayendra Prasad revealed.

When SSR and Vijayendra Prasad thought of other heroes, they do not have the story. They zeroed in on NTR and Ram Charan with the story of RRR. It is a fictitious story based on two Legendary Freedom Fighters – Alluri Seetha Ramaraju and Komaram Bheem. The film is all about what happens when they meet in Delhi prior to their respective struggles. There is no historical evidence that Alluri and Bheem met.

But Rajamouli has found evidence that they have gone missing from Kosthandhra and Nizam during the same period. There is no historic evidence about where they went. Rajamouli has taken the advantage and weaved a fictitious story during that period.