Fans of Priyamani were in for a shock when the actress recently revealed that she has posed for a picture with two of her darlings. While many thought she was referring to her boyfriends, but Priya had posed with her two new pups that she has adopted. Priya, who is an animal lover found the puppies on the sets of a Kannada film she’s currently working on.

Priya said she already has a dog named Mocha and has been domesticating cats for over two decades now. She added that pets are her biggest stress busters and they can lighten her up even when she’s down, both physically and mentally. She says she would love to work for benefit of animals and do her bit to save them in this world. No organization has approached her yet with an offer to endorse an animal welfare initiative, she says.

Priyamani is currently busy with a slew of Kannada projects. She says she hasn’t been offered any exciting Telugu project, and, therefore, has decided to keep herself busy in Kannada.