Naga Chaitanya - SavyasachiThe fate of Naga Chaitanya’s latest release ‘Savyasachi’ is very clear that it couldn’t live up to the expectations it had created when there had been a buzz that the vanishing twin syndrome looked exciting. Maybe, it was exciting on the paper for the director Chandoo Mondeti but not when it came to actual execution.

Naga Chaitanya had put a flop in his account while a couple of other heroes escaped this latest flop. According to some media reports, Chandoo Mondeti fist approached Varun Tej and somehow the project didn’t materialize. Next, the vanishing twin syndrome went to Ravi Teja with a different producer and even that attempt was unfruitful. Finally, it came to Naga Chaitanya and Mythri Movie Makers came into the scene.

Despite the best efforts from Naga Chaitanya and providing the best of the technicians, Chandoo Mondeti couldn’t weave any magic at the box-office. In fact, he couldn’t even deliver an average product that would have saved the movie from being called a flop. Looks like, the entire blame is going to the director who had an exciting concept but an unexciting narration in hand to handle the concept.