RGV-Kamma-Rajyam-Lo-Kadapa-ReddluWe have been seeing how RGV is making all use of media digital and satellite by all means for free publicity for his controversial film, Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu with non-stop debates and counters on TV and YouTube channels. He has been annoying the politicians and their fans also the audience in front of the TVs and mobiles. But now he came to the receiving end.

The censor board’s push back action on the film has moved the release of the film further back with no exact release date confirmed as they suggest quite a lot of cuts nearly 90 for the film.

It is like RGV to sit at the edit table and pick off all his intentionally put controversial scenes. But, he has to do that if he wants a censor clearance without which he cannot have the film released in theaters.

Well, now the film is going to face the review committee as there is too much scissoring required. Not just that, he owned another film titled Beautiful has also been delayed due to censor’s late approval making it a no-win situation for RGV. Looks like the censor guys are taking back on RGV for all his sarcasm shown on them for all this time. What is he gonna do now? Let’s see. He will come up with something for sure. Won’t he?