Which Party gets benefited from Rayala Telangana!

All of a sudden, Rayala Telangana option crept out of now where and is seriously considered according to Politcal circles. Rayala Telangana is nothing but a state with 10 districts of Telangana combined with Anantapur and Kurnool. Some say Government brought this proposal only to put the entire issue on back burner but what if it is a reality!

Telangana Rashtra Samiti will be badly affected with this proposal. The party has Zero presence in the two districts which will hamper their election fortunes. YSRCP is particularly strong in Rayalaseema region subtracting 2 districts from it means YSRCP’s effect in Seema Andhra is decimated. Telugu Desam Party on the other hand will have a life line in Telangana as it has good hold on Anantapur and decent hold on Kurnool. So, its prospects in Telangana will be good to some extent in 2014 and to more extent in later elections. Given the bad condition of Congress today, this option may not have any effect on them.