Telangana state film Chamber of commerceOne says that an artist’s approach is unlimited and an art’s appeal is universal. Movies also will come under the same category. But for governments, besides entertainment, movies are also sources of income and hence legitimate bodies are formed with titles ‘State Film Chambers of Commerce’ which provide revenue in the form of commercial taxes revenue to the governments.

Until bifurcation, APFCC had been the legitimate body representing the Telugu Film Industry and Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce came under its umbrella. But after the formation of Telangana, TFCC got changed to TSFCC and wants to represent TFI and is refusing to come under the umbrella of APFCC as it thinks it is fair to represent the interests of film community in Telangana.

Nevertheless APFCC refuses to give up and suggests that it would change its name to Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. The ball is in the court of Cinematography Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav, who says that after discussions, Telangana government would come to an amicable solution regarding who would represent Telugu Film Industry in Telangana.