Mahesh Babu - Thumsup Advertisement- Tokyo Olympics 2021A new commercial for Thums Up starring Superstar Mahesh Babu is released on the occasion of the start of the Tokyo Olympics. The Superstar is seen cheering the Indian contingent to make it big and prove everyone wrong by bringing glory to the country.

However, the commercial has evoked a negative response about Mahesh Babu’s look on social media. The glow which we usually see in Mahesh Babu is totally missing. Some people are complaining about the hairstyle and say it may be the reason for the odd looks.

Some people say the age factor may be the reason for the odd looks. Whatever may be the reason, the stylists should have definitely done a better job. In all the assignments of Mahesh Babu, be it in films or TV commercials, utmost care and perfection are taken to ensure a flawless product.

This is the first time there are negative comments about Mahesh Babu’s looks. There are rumors that Mahesh’s wife, Namratha personally supervises everything. Fans are asking where is Namratha now!